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Top 10 hairstyle for women

Want a hairstyle for your long and short hair. that can turn people’s.Then you come to the right place! Here we are listing top 10 Hairstyles For Girls. Choose your favorite hairstyle. That hairstyle are unbelievably gorgeous, that people fall in love with you once you try them!No matter which hair style you choose for your hair, you must be absolutely sure that you can carry your hair style well. We have to change our hairstyle,whether it’s color ,length or’s give you a new sexy and hot look.whenever you make any hairstyle take the advantage of your hair’s natural texture.

1 ) Side Fishtail Braid:

This is a loose side fishtail braided hairstyle And it’s looks elaborate which you can sport easily even if you are not that good with hair styling or will become a favorite for rushed mornings .Since this requires very little effort you can easily make this.especially if you have long hair. It turns out beautiful and is great for an average day.

2) Messy Bun

A very famed hairstyle of nowadays is untidy bread. tons of actresses across the planet ar sporting it.All you wish to try to to is to slightly curl and twist tiny locks of hair along with your fingers as you your hair will blossom from day to nighttime.Secure it with a hair elastic and police officer pins.

3)  Short Layered Hairstyle

This is a really straightforward to do hairstyle for women. If you have got not tried any short hairstyles then this may be a pleasant alternative. as a result of short superimposed hairdo are easy to maintenance for ladies .Short super imposed hairstyles square measure extremely hot within the rag trade
4) Waterfall Braid/TWISTED HALO

This hairstyle is super cool and professional, making it the perfect look for a job interview or College. Waterfall braids are very flexible for long or thick hair that you love to open your hair but need to pin to prevent it from falling into your face.

5) Ponytail/CLASSY PONY

A ponytail is a hairstyle in which all of the hair on the head is pulled tied up at the back of the head and hangs is down like a secured with a hair tie,clip, rubber band or other similar types of device.

6) Braid Ponytail,SIDE-BRAIDED PONY

A single french braid is latest trends for girls.

This hairstyle is super cool and give u a perfect look for your office and also it’s a best option when you wear a tradition outfit. There are variety of option available in braid ponytail. There are lots of possibilities to make it happen and all you need is long hair and a hair tie.

Adding a simple, or twist in to your braid is such a great way to take your basic pony to the next level.


Almost ladies have the wavy texture in there hair’s. cash in of your hair’s natural wavy texture to appear attractive. For this attractive however relaxed look, work a texturizer through dry hair with a brush. as a result of beachy waves begin halfway down your hair.wavy hair’s is recent Hollywood vogue that tranding during this year.

8) Straight Hair

Straight hair has such a large amount of rattling , wonderful and trandy styling will become a favourite for rush mornings .Since this needs little or no effort you’ll simply build this.especially if you’ve got long hair or short hair.

Long hair is completely beautiful once it’s sleek and healthy.No one will deny the wonder of the graceful straight hair. the straight hair provide you with loads of styling

9) Curl Hair

Adding curls to any hairstyle mechanically makes it feel additional glamourous ,hot and attractive. whether or not you’ve got short or long hair curl shoots on all kinds of hair.No one will deny the sweetness of curl hair. There ar type of possibility out therein curl hair. the simplest things of Curl hair is suits all kinds of faces.if your hair has natural ringlets or huge, bouncy curls, there’s a several hairstyle out there for you.

10) Bun

Bun is preferred hairstyles between ladies and women that ne’er leave of fashion. staff of life is extraordinarily versatile and may be created up in range of the way.Bun will created on long and short hair each.we can modify staff of life per the occasion .bun look excellent altogether occasion like wedding , office,college etc.bun suits with all sorts of makeup. you wish look a lot of relaxed trendy attractive and funky ,then strive staff of life for your meeting perhaps you’re meeting along with your friends for party or just going for a show or chill with them .Bun is ideal vogue for you.




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