9 Stunning and Stylish Striped Curtains For Home

Striped curtains are more famous and desired. There may be horizontal and vertical stripes in a colour with different colour combinations. Some colour combination may be common and some will be rare. Striped curtains are well liked by all and admired too. It is suited to everyone’s taste and understanding. The striped curtains are non-professional. It is well appropriate at home rather than in corporate.

Modern & Glamorous Striped Curtain Designs For Home:

Try this prime nine stripy curtains that you’ll use for interior certainly.

1. Regular Striped Curtain:

This black and white patterned curtain is regular in style. The curtain has vertical vogue stripes of black and white color. The stripes ar of medium size with fascinating pattern. The curtain is ultra-soft and swish. you’ll get these sorts of curtain in step with wall colors of your lounge style pattern.

2. Top Striped Curtain Panels:

It is gray patterned curtain with thick stripes of white and gray color combination. this color combination in curtain is rare and trendy. The patterned chamber curtain is sewn in box vogue and every curtain contains four box patterns.

3. Zigzag Striped Curtain:

This blue striped curtain is simply gorgeous with blue coloured stripes in zigzag lining. The stripes are in light and dark shade of blue colour plus white colour too. The middle curtain is hanged in back style so back of curtain is visible in front. This one will be unique idea of curtain which you can try for your bedroom or living room too.

4. Appealing Striped Curtain:

This is horizontal navy and white stripy curtain with broad stripes. The curtain is shining with its silk cloth. The dazzling stripy curtain is wanting pretty. The long stripy curtain on tiny window is showing marvellous. you’ll get good seek for your home by this curtains.

5. Two Way Curtains Striped:

It is standard blue and white stripy curtain of skinny stripes. Behind balcony conjointly there’s same pattern curtain is hanging. Some high portion of curtain is totally blue with no style and print. the remainder of the curtain is adorned with stripes.

6. Shower Striped Curtain:

This navy stripy curtain is hanged in lavatory to cover the tub tub. The curtain has thick material with navy color stripes. Eventhe tub towel unbroken on tub and basket is additionally having same print as that of curtain. this can be most suitable optionof women’s.

7. Faux Silk Striped Curtain:

It is gray and white stripy curtain in 3 parts. The curtain is beginning with white and so followed with dark and lightweight shade of gray color. This tri-stripe curtain is trying glorious with dark gray wall and white seat.

8. Linen Striped Curtain:

This is horizontal patterned curtain in linen material. each within and outdoors curtain square measure having stripe style. This2 manner curtain vogue is impressive and superb. This light-weight shade curtain is fabric well with home interior.

9. Modern Striped Curtain:

It is fashion ablevogue red stripy curtain with white combination. This curtain is eye-catchy and engaging. it’ll get highlight instantly. The curtain is hanged on a hook that is swimmingly movable on a steel rod.
You will not realize abundant style distinction between all stripy curtains. solely color combination can get take issue. howeveryou’ll be able to distinct your stripy curtain by admixture it with lace or sheer curtain or with adding textures on that. you’ll be able to even use latest curtain accessories with it.

Written by Sarah

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