9 Best Long Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie hairstyles ar straight away ruling the style scene. The story of the pixies go all the approach back to the children’s storybook pages wherever peter pan and his pixie fairy Tinkerbell would continue to rock the most popular summer fashion look. typically these ar restricted long however could vary from boy cut back to a pretend bob. Pixies aren’t solely the best summer guru however additionally a trend setter. Gone ar the times once a lady in her long tresses would symbolize beauty. With the range of pixie hairstyles doing its rounds, here may be a list to the sensational pixies.

The Angular Look:


The angular pixie is always the preference for many not only for its swanky side lock but also for the trend setting hairdo. Usually the hair is parted from an extreme end and cut and styled into perfection so that one side of the lock is partly falling carelessly across the face jutting out than the rest of the hair.

The Pixie Shag Hairstyle:


The shag haircut has been inspired from the feather look where the hair ends or locks fall carelessly in a muddled messy way, often giving off a bed head feeling. This pixie is done up into layers where the upper layer is short and crisp and the lower layer falls underneath.

The Dual Lock Look:


In this pixie look, the hair, mostly the side locks are carefully draped across the forehead but unlike the angular look, this time both the sides have volunteered to be longer than the rest of the hair. The hair at the back ends up short just above the nape of the neck.

Pixie With A Funk:


Often seen amongst the crowds of a concert, funk pixies ar terribly rare however still a mode statement. The hair is sleek and straight here and in contrast to the others that finish at the backside of the neck, this hair goes all the approach, a touch longer than the standard. The crown of the pinnacle but sports a soft short lock.

For The Thicker Hair:


For the thicker headed beauties, the pixie here is the perfect in its type. The hair, the entire bunch ends at the base of your neck and while one side is cut short and fluffy just above the ears, the other half of it covers the entire forehead but goes all the way to the cheeks.

The Side Wave:


Here during this pixie we tend to see a unique set of lock on the facet wherever the hair in contrast to the others don’t seem to be straight or in suspense however rather a soft wave or a curl at the tip showing off a rather a lot of female facet to you. sometimes these hairstyles will be titled with a cute clip to feature to the result of the planning.

The Feather Pixie:


This pixie sports a navy cut shave on the remainder of the pinnacle wherever the hair is brief and restive. The hair starts to grow slowly because it edges up towards the crown. Once on the front, the hair is slightly take a feather lock which might permit you to aspect brush the hair. The lock in layers would positively prove density whereas showing off the fashion.

A Girlish Side To It:


The pixie here is at the best where a little bit of girly mixes up the latest trends and forms a classic style. This look can be accentuated with a soft ribbon band or a clip.

The Hipster Pixie:


The Sharon stone, Miley Cyrus hairdo is quite a famous look that many a celebrities have endorsed and creating a look out of that, here is the hipster pixie look that has a soft Mohawk while the sides are shaved and smoothened.

Written by Sarah

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