Napkin folding: 3 ideas for your NOEL table

Three step-by-step napkin folding tutorials for a stunning noel table.

Today I’m bringing you some fresh inspiration for your noel table in the guise of napkin folding.

It’s easy to neglect the napkins. Just fold them in half and pop them under the flatware, right?

Well, you could do that.  Or you could use them as a way to add texture, interest and a splash of wow factor to your table.

napkin folding

Let’s do that, shall we?

Here’s how, with napkin folding!

                                         Diamond shape

1# Fold in half and then quarter.

2# Fold the first sheet towards you to create a triange.

3# Repeat with each sheet of fabric, but make the fold 2cm or so shorter each time.

4# Fold both sides underneath.

5# Optional, but adding a little bell or star on top looks great.

                                           Pocket style

1# Fold in half and then quarter.

2# Position the napkin so that the open corner is top left.

3# Fold the top layer into the middle to create a triangle.

4# Turn the napkin over so that the folded corner is now bottom right.

5# Fold ⅓ of the right side back and then repeat on the left.

6# Turn over and you’re ready to pop that cutlery in!

                                            Bow Shape

1# Fold 2 corners jointly and make a triangle.

2# Fold the point of the triangle inwards to the centre of the napkin.

3# Fold the opposite side inwards twice until it meets the centre.

4# Then fold the left side over the top.

5# Fold each corner inwards at a 45 degree angle.

6# Take the left hand part of the napkin and fold inwards on top of the right side.

7# Turn over and place your napkin ring in the centre. Or use a piece of ribbon.

I love them all, but the bow one looks seriously cute. It also gave me an excuse to buy some napkin rings that I’ve been coveting. Score!

If you missed the Magazine tree centrepiece, you should take a look. It’s pretty cool. 

Which napkin folding idea is your fave? Let me know in the comments!



Written by Sarah


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